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Frequently asked questions

​Q: What size are the paintings?

A: Paintings are just over an A4 in an A3 mount.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We do yes, however if you need it by a particular deadline it will be an additional £40 fee. Shipping times with vary depending on the country the painting is being shipped to.

Q: How much are the paintings?

A: Wedding, engagement, anniversary, family, pet and mother/child portraits are £90. A non-refundable deposit is required to begin the ordering process.

Q: How quick is the turn around on a commission painting?

A: This varies. Usually 2-3 weeks depending on the occasion. We recommend ordering valentines, mothers day, fathers day and Christmas commissions a month in advance. Sometimes we can do a painting quicker though this may increase the cost, please state beforehand if you need this service.

Q: Can I buy a voucher for someone?

A: Vouchers are available for Wedding, engagement, anniversary paintings, family, pet and mother/child portraits vouchers are available in any amount. Please send payment for a voucher to our PayPal: and leave a note saying it is for a voucher and a contact address to send it to.


If you are interested then please use the order form on the contact page, please make sure you attach high quality reference images.

You may notice my artwork has a specific theme and formula but if you have any specifications to how you would like the final piece to look please let me know.

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